The story started 45 years ago when a newly wedded bride
tweaked her mother’s traditional pickle recipe & gave it a personal touch.

A product of a typical Purani Dilli Gully... 

Dedicated to every mother,

From a mother.

Our Story

Old Delhi Jama Masjid, chandni chowk, rikshaw , local bazaar, Purani dilli, chawri bazar
Kinari Bazar, Aam ka achaar, shop in kinari bazaar, Mango cartoon character, Old Delhi Market, Sadar Bazar, Kaccha Aam
Kinari Bazar, Kadak nimbu achaar, shop in kinari bazaar, lemon cartoon character, Purani Dilli, Old delhi market
  • The Idea

    PickleGully as we say, is a dream lived by the people who have experienced the old Delhi charm.

    The neighbourhood in which one's window would open to another's courtyard, where the food is exchanged within houses almost everyday…

    Where there’s gully cricket in every nook and corner and where the monkeys would steal food from the kitchen but still are worshipped.

  • 'कौन जाए जौक, दिल्ली की गलियां छोड़कर' -Sheikh Ibrahim Zauq

  • The Offering

    A Handmade, handcrafted traditional pickle brand with long lost recipes originated generations ago in the wall city of Delhi, today called the “Purani Dilli”.

    Miles away from the existing commercial taste of available brands in the market and aged to perfection in traditional ceramic martbaan pots, PikleGully brings to your plate, generations-old, authentic Purani Dilli tradition at the comfort of your house.